Film: 2235

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Comedy about a man who sneezes, and everything falls apart. At the end he explodes sneezing around 1900
A room, a bed, a sleeping man. Another man putting sneezing powder on gloves on the table. Sneezes. Puts powder in the hat on the table. Combs his hair, puts powder on the brush. Leaves. The sleeping man wakes up, dresses. Combs his hair - sneezes. The table falls, the mirror breaks, pictures fall. The man, surprised, sneezes again. More falling objects in the room (e.g. The bed). The man runs out. Outside: The powder man, running away. The other one steps out. Sneezes. Sneezes in front of a shop window - it breaks, things fall out. People come running, excited. Man sneezes on the street. A mast falls down and a policeman falls into a fence, the fence breaks. The people come, excited. In front of a house. The man sneezes; windows, fences and door break. A woman leaves the house and complains. The man sneezes. Hat and wig of the woman fly away. Excited people and policeman run after the man. The man climbs a ladder into a window. People follow, then fall down the ladder. Outside. The man sneezes, the earth ( the camera is swung from side to side ) shakes, a bicycle falls. The earth calms by and by, the man walks on. In the street. He sneezes… and vanishes in an explosion.

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