Film: 2237

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Part Of John Gilpin's Ride from the poem by William Cowper 1908
Man goes out riding on his horse, gets into chase. Good eighteenth Century costume, men with white wigs and full hipped overcoats.
Man in boots and white wig enters a plain, rustic room, his housekeeper hurriedly helps him on with his jacket, this is John Gilpin. A groom stands in a street holding a horse, Gilpin comes out of the house and mounts, chasing the horse around the road as the groom laughs. POV from behind the rider on his horse, we follow him down the road. Two gate men see him coming, open the gate and wave him through, twirling their hats it the air. A house, three girl stand on a small balcony over the door, two men stand in front of the door, a man, dressed as a jockey, rides up and takes a mug of beer that is offered to him by one of the men, Gilpin passes going the other way and the girls yell as the other man turns around and rides after him. Gilpin meets another man at a gate, they gesture and wave their arms about, john still on the horse, at first they appear worried but then start laughing, the other man disappears through the hedgerow and Gilpin wipes his face with a handkerchief, the other man reappear with a spare wig, as gilpin's has fallen off in his mad ride, he also gives him a hat. As he rides away, a donkey gets out at the gate. The other man on a horse rides down a road beside a park paling, he meets Gilpin and turns around. All the women previously on the balcony, stand on the street and wave hysterically as the two horsemen pass by in a cloud of dust, the crowd runs down the road after them. A group of horsemen at the end of a bridge with more spectators, the two horsemen pass and everyone follows. Gilpin rides through a herd of cows and then along the edge of a pond, everyone follows him. He rides up the street to in front of his house, dismounts his horse and promptly falls on the road, he drags himself up on the pavement and leans against the doorway as the other rider come up the street, dismounts and helps him to rise while shaking his hand.

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