Film: 224

History | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Making gun flints from flint stone. Man leads horse and cart to camera, other man tips back of cart, lots of big stones fall out. He smokes. Man sits on chair takes metal hammer, breaks very large flint boulder into four pieces. Man with metal hammer breaks very small flakes off larger flake. Flakes knapped into gun flints. Three men work with hammers at making gun flints. Very fast work. Musket flints lined up and shown to camera. Flint for carbine, horse pistol. Count and sort flints. Flints shovelled into bags which are tied, placed in small barrel. Flintlock gun. Close up: hand fits flint into gun and applies powder, cocks gun, pulls trigger. Close up tinder box, creates sparks. Man trims larger rock for building materials. Various hammers.

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