Film: 2241

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Cricks and Martin comedy.
Lady will marry man if he wins the marathon (very long shorts!). He attempts a short cut. Runs into a woman hanging out laundry. Farmer in smock with milk across shoulders. Man runs across rivers, is fired at etc.

Two men and a lady in a big floppy hat stand outside of a white clapboard village shop, they read a poster tacked to the side wall of the store. 'Fieldtown Harriers: the race for the Challenge Cup will be from Coddenham to Hankwell, Go as you please, first at the post proclaimed the winner. Entrance 1/- (shilling) Names to be entered below. The shorter man kids the taller man, that he should enter. He looks stubborn and bashful and walks away embarrassed. The lady joins in the fun and pulls out her notebook and writes in it. 'Dear Muggy, Enter the Cup Race. If you win I will marry you instead of Mr. Robinson. Be a Man.' She gives it to a young boy to run after Muggy. Mr. Robinson and the girl laugh.
The boy catches up to Muggy walking along the pavement and still talking to himself. He reads the note and makes a lot of large gestures, he walks away kissing the note. Two men in long shorts, white t-shirts and running numbers pinned to their fronts and backs shake hands with a man in a buggy. The buggy gets driven behind the start line and all the runners line up, there are about ten men. They ready themselves, Muggy is number seven, and he makes a false start, all the other men pull him back and explain that he needs to wait for the flag. He is looking back at the man in the buggy when the flag goes down and he gets a bad start. The racers run along a path beside a wooden wall, Muggy bringing up the rear, running with high knees and slouched shoulders. The runners pass a stile, and Muggy, at the back of the pack, stops and points animatedly from himself to the stile. Then he climbs over it, taking a short cut. [Missing some frames, as it skips to]: Muggy runs into a man carrying some baskets. The baskets go flying and the man rolls into the ditch, with Muggy on top of him. Muggy gets up and the man chases him with one of the baskets, and shakes his fists at his retreating back. Muggy runs along a wet lane, in a very exaggerated style. He sees another shortcut, and takes a running jump to get over the hedge and into the field. He lands in the field and rubs his legs from getting prickled by the hedge. He runs across the field and then crosses a road and tries to get through a wire fence, he tries climbing it and then settles for crawling under it. He then jumps over a stone wall into someone's farmyard and lands on a wooden box, he breaks the wooden lid and gets up rubbing his bottom. He then steps in a laundry basket as the farmwife hangs out her clean laundry, and almost gets clotheslined by the clothes line. The woman beats him with the clothes and he runs away, she calls over her husband who carries a shotgun and he takes a pot-shot at Muggy's back. Muggy stops and rubs his bottom, he runs away limping, and the couple run up to the gate, laughing at him. A farmer in his milking smock comes out of his barn with two pails of milk hanging from a yoke around his shoulders, Muggy runs into him, spilling milk everywhere, the farmer beats him about the ears and shakes his fist at his retreating back. Muggy then runs through another field and comes to a flooded part of it, he pulls a tall piece of wood out of the mud beside the little stream and uses it to pole vault himself across the little water, he lands right in the middle though, with a big splash. He runs up the stairs of a pedestrian railway crossing and bumps into a policeman, who chases him down the other side. Muggy runs pell mell towards a swiftly flowing river, and he wades across, the policeman prefers to stay on the other side and remain dry. He runs through a bog area, his shoes disappearing in the mud. He climbs over a high wooden fence and lands in the road. He looks behind him but there isn't the sight of any of the other runners.
'First at the Post' the finishing wagon. Muggy runs up, his lady waits for him. She puts his jacket around him and they drive off together as the other competitors run up and start to protest against his win. The lady and muggy snuggled up in the buggy.

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