Film: 2244

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Melodrama from Cecil Hepworth set at time of English Civil War in the Seventeenth Century.
A woman waits in a grand parlour, a man enters and they kiss and hug. He is a Royalist. The maid walks in and the man hides. Soldiers come looking and search for him. After they leave, the man is helped out of a cupboard, but the woman - Bessie.
The man is later captured when outside with Bessie. Soliders in tents in a field hold him captive. Bessie pleads, begs and cries for his release to no avail. The man is escorted to a castle and held. Bessie appeals to the sexton to no avail. She climbs the tower wall to the bell tower and holds on to the bell to prevent its ring being heard. The bell ringer is deaf and while he pulls the rope to sound the bell, he doesn't hear it.
In a field soldiers line up with rifles to execute their royalist prisoner, but the bell isn't heard. Soldiers escort the prisoner back to the castle. The sexton is admonished for failing to notice the bell wasn't sounding. Bessie pleads once more with the soldiers and her heroism is rewarded with the man's release. They hug and kiss - happy ending.

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