Film: 2245

Personalities | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Bunny with his two grown-up daughters. Bunny in shop with adult daughter. He pays female shop assistant. Family at home. Six young women talking as Bunny enters. Bunny gives present to younger lady he admires. They smile at each other, she smiles coyly, but when he takes her hand and pats it, she pulls away. Two men and lady in restaurant drink champagne which waiter has poured. Fat John Bunny getting measured with aid of tailor who measures him. Bunny drinks punch and mops his mouth with a spotted handkerchief. He has committed a faux-pas as this is a society do. Bad etiquette. Several men lined up, including John Bunny, attempt to act like Napoleon. Bunny laughs at other men's attempts on a railway train. Young man admires young girl, Bunny admires her mother. Bunny and the woman in the observation car. Young man and young girl laugh at end of journey as other woman shouts at Bunny. Bunny appears to embarrass his wife in front of her friends by carrying in a little black girl. The society ladies leave. Maid refuses to take girl out of the room. Cartoonist Winsor McCay in his office with piles of animation cels on his desk. His assistant enters and knocks them over as John Bunny enters. McCay shows Bunny some cels. McCay enters room where five men in dinner jackets are sitting. He brings roll of paper (his artwork). He says no to a whisky but has a soda water instead. Horse carriage in a street with Bunny bowing to the crowd. Man in back of car seems upset and reads newspaper. "Bunny all at Sea" Bunny shakes hands with Captain. Captain looks at his pocket watch. Officer brings captain the sextant. Captain uses the sextant, then shows Bunny how to use it. Bunny offers captain a cigar. Later Bunny sees 2 girls on the arms of the Captain and is jealous. He tells two friendly men who have approached to go away. He walks off. Bunny appears in Captain's uniform and is immediately popular with the ladies. He dances with a lady at the dance, on the ship's deck. Two sailors drag him off the deck and he is given a mop and bucket and is directed to clean the decks. People on bridge point downwards. Bunny tries to run away.

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