Film: 2246

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Melodrama by Cecil Hepworth
Impoverished family with old soldier have to take in washing but fail due to competition from new laundry in Kingston Upon Thames. Story starts in the poor families laundry room, mother waits with two children.

The Royal Thames Laundry. Lots of women working at machines and large tables, folding and pressing linens. Back at the impoverished household a woman waits with her children for laundry to come in. The old one armed solider returns home with an empty basket. He hangs his head in his hands and the young boy hobbles out of the room on one crutch. The soldier leaves, hugging the upset woman and her daughter. He searches for work. The two poverty stricken kids sit outside their house before hatching a plan and running off. The kids canvass laundry business from two uniformed men on a street corner. They next ask a lady sitting on a park bench with her dog. She uses an ear horn to hear them before sending them away. A corporal with his adult daughter are in a park, a man approaches for conversation but is hastily and curtly dismissed by the corporal. The two children sit looking depressed that their canvassing hasn't worked. The kids approach the corporal and his daughter who are now seated on a park bench. The corporal goes to beat them with his walking stick but is stopped by his daughter. The daughter leads the children away to investigate, followed by the corporal. They arrive at the children's house and enter to talk to the mother. The soldier returns home and recognises the corporal as his old commanding officer, who is now all smiles. The family are happy as the couple depart.
Final scene is of the soldier opening a large gate and a horse and open carriage carrying the corporal and his daughter pass through. They stop and are greeted by the rest of the family who are now living in the gatehouse of his estate. They all wave and bid farewell to the carriage.

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