Film: 225

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Paris 1930's
tour eiffel
Rue de la Paix
river seine
Notre dame
Left bank latin quarter café society flower market Place of the luxembourg gardens
sorbonne university

Views surrounding the Eiffel Tower, followed by close up. Tall iron gates being opened by a guard just outside the Eiffel Tower. Rue de Paix sign, shots of traffic moving down a busy street surrounded by shops. The Place de L'Opera is shown with vehicles passing in front. Busy streets with a mounted officer waiting patiently in the centre. Hotel de Ville or City Hall being shown on the bank of the river Seine. Cathedral of Notre Dame is shown by the banks of a river, followed by a close up of the front of the building, 2 men in bowler hats walk around the side of the building passing gargoyles, close ups are then shown. Building then shown with a tram passing by in the foreground. Left bank Lation Quarter, people strolling through market place, flicking though books, admiring cards. Lady shopkeeper in her stand surrounded by magazines. Indoor market place heavily occupied with people looking through a wide range of clothes, section with a vast range of flowers is then shown with a woman arranging them neatly. Shopkeeper appears to be talking about products to a potential customer. The Palace of Luxembourg with beautiful gardens in front, gardener working. A large amount of people stood around a fountain, floating small boats. Sorbonne university with people walking along the street. Front of the Pantheon with padestrians and traffic passing by in the foreground. Palace of the Invalides, large white bridge with traffic travelling along it. 3 fishermen sat quietly underneath a bridge. Grand and Petit Palais shown with gardens in the foreground, traffic passing by and pedestrians walking along the pavements. Selection of scenes of different churches in Paris. Man sweeping water along the road, gentleman mounts a horse drawn waggon as it travels along the street, bicycle with basket filled with baguettes is peddled down the street. A large number of people line the streets outside cafes, pedestrians walking along a wooded path as traffic passes by along the roads. People are stood around a lake, boats being rowed and swans approaching looking for food. The Louvre, art museum with customers entering and walking around the exhibition, shots of portraits shown. The Arc de Triomphe, groups of people stood around a small fire on the floor. Busy roads and shots of a large building by the riverside, boats floating by. Busy night scenes, town lit up, people and cars passing through, shot of water fountain.

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