Film: 2251

Animation | 1920 | Sound | B/W


Cartoon 1920s.
Alice stands by a heavily laden car as Julius the cat ties down all the boxes and luggage to the back.
Intertitle: "Guard the house while I'm gone".
Alice jumps into the car and it drives away. Julius waves and is left standing alone outside the pitched roof house. He looks from side to side and magically produces a rifle from an invisible pocket and begins to march back and forth in front of the building. A small rat-like creature pops out of a hole behind Julius and shoots him in the rear. Julius turns round and shouts at the rat who appears to make fun of him, so Julius fires his gun down the hole. In the meantime, the rat pops out of a second hole on the other side of Julius, and shoots him again. Julius runs between the holes trying to catch up with the rat. When his back is to the hole, the rat gets out and sits on Julius' tail and taps him on the shoulder. The cat is disorientated and cannot see who is tapping him. When the rat tries to run away, Julius' gun does not work, and the barrel curls up. Instead he chases the rat, trying to hit him with the butt of the rifle. Julius swings the gun around, but succeeds only in hitting himself, and the rat rund into the house. The cat runs in behind and laughs as he shoots at the rat. The rat runs in a circle around the cat, and the floor is shot away. Julius falls through the circular hole in the floor, and into a vat of home brew below. This quite pleases him, and he swims and dives in, then drinks the contents of the barrel. As he cheers - "yipee" - he is clearly drunk, and he staggers out of the container. His eyes pulsate, and he hiccups, and does a little dance, until the rat trips him over. Meanwhile upstairs a whole gang of rats dances abd play the piano. One rat does a knee-knocking wobbly type of dance on top of the piano. His trousers (actually the bottom half of his fur) fall down around his ankles, and his friends point and laugh. Another mouse runs up and down the piano keyboard. He does cartwheels, then his body divides into three - head, arms and legs, and each plays a different part of the keyboard. The rat on top of the piano carries on dancing - this time with a hat and a cigar. Some rats take some vinyl records out, and do bicycle type balancing stunts on them. They then create a gramophone - one has his tail wound up to produce power, and another provides his tail to be a needle. A series of rats - in descending order of size - hang off a broom handle by their tails. Another rat stands on top and uses a mallet to hit them and produce musical notes. In the bathroom a rat redirects the shower head in the bath so that it is at an angle, and the rats slide down the stream of water. A mischevious rat jumps on a tube of toothpaste and creates another slide to slip down into the bath. Upstairs a still drunk Julius feebly tries to catch a rat that is laughing at him. The cat ends up with his head stuck in a picture frame. The rat attaches a coiled spring to the cat, and he proceeds to bounce around the room as he tries to capture the rat. Outside the house, Alice has arrived back with an empty car. She is puzzled when she sees the house vibrating. Inside, a rat puts a bar of soap under Julius, and he skids right out of the house into a prickly cactus. He is very cross, but at last he has an idea. He produces a bomb with burning fuse as if from nowhere, and puts it under the house. A rat runs back out of the house with the bomb, and throws it towards Julius, who is now standing by Alice. As he prepares to throw it back it explodes: "BANG" and throws them both into the air. We see stars above their heads.
Intertitle: "THE END".

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