Film: 2252

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Drama with a horse 1910's
Man stops horse and cart and gets off with large basket. Horse walks onto pavement and eats plants. Man walks up stairs with basket over arm. Man opens door, basket delivered, and invited to have a drink. Drinks glass quickly, takes empty basket downstairs. Woman sweeping landing offers him snuff, he takes it. Horse and cart leave quickly, passer-by gets irate. Crash into buggy, wheel comes off, and man falls out, carries wheel off. Gendarme chases horse and cart. Runs over woman and pram. Crashes through scaffolding, canopy comes off. Chase with more people following. Knocks into fruit and veg stall. News vendor's stall collapses. People chasing, including woman with pram. Horse backs down road with cart. Woman falls over, gendarme falls over her, woman and pram fall over cart knocks down scaffolding, men try to climb down scaffolding, but it has gone. Some people catch horse and cart and get on. All fall off round corner. Crashes into market stalls. People angry and throw things. Horse unharnessed itself from cart and goes into stable stall. Two men shut doors on pursuers. Man turns hose on people. Horse drinks from trough.
(Part of film duplicated).

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