Film: 226

Trailer | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Man in lounge suit playing grand piano in an apartment, not a studio. Voiceover 'Joe Louis ( the pianist) is 'one of America's top arrangers/composers in the business'. Singer/actress Olga San Juan enters the room hums snatch of song 'Blue Skies'. Close- up of singer and pianist. Singer leans on piano - breaks in to words of the song. Pianist stops playing and talks about the importance of the composer Irving Berlin (who wrote the song Blue Skies). Singer talks about being in the film 'Blue Skies'. Change to song 'We're Having a Heatwave' a close up of singer acting song with gestures. Close-up of both performers as they change to one of Berlin's lesser known songs. Film runs out. No titles or credits. -

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