Film: 2262

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


High speed comedy with pixilation tricks, about a customer in a cafe, dreaming, then the tables move and people appear and disappear and transform.
In a cafe. A waiter jumps around, wipes tables and chairs. A customer arrives and sits down. Orders something to drink, the waiter goes off. The customer yawns, rests his head on his hand, the arm on the table. The waiter arrives with a glass on a tray, puts it on the table. He notices that the customer sleeps, and he drinks, nearly empties the glass. Puts it down again. Leaves. Suddenly the counter, tables and guests start to move and move out of the cafe. The customer, without table now, falls to the floor. His chair disappears. He gets up, surprised. Everything is gone? He knocks his cane on the floor, several times, until the waiter finally arrives. The customer complains profusely. The waiter smiles. The customer pushes him, but the waiter vanishes and the customer holds only his arm in his hands. He is puzzled, moves around, wants to throw the arm away when it suddenly becomes the waiter again. The customer complains again. The waiter smiles. The customer strangles the waiter, wants to kick him and falls to the floor because the waiter disappeared again. The customer, angrily, knocks his cane on the floor. After a while a chair appears. He is pleased, sits down and falls to the floor because the chair suddenly stands on the other side of the room. The customer stands up, grabs the chair, and sits down, cautiously. He wants to drink. Knocks with his cane. A table appears. The customer, pleased, stands up and leans on the table, falls down because the top disappears and only the legs remain. He moves his arms annoyed and hurts his fist, because suddenly the top appeared again. He sits and knocks with his cane. The waiter appears and hits the customer with a plate on the head, then stands motionless as the customer turns, hiding the plate. The customer wants to hit the waiter with his cane when the waiter disappears and the table is laid. Suddenly a lady appears. The customer, pleased, takes her coat and hat and makes her sit down. Coat and hat turn into a chair, and the customer sits down. They eat (cake?) Suddenly the cake disappears from the customer's plate and he looks around. Then he pours from the bottle, they want to drink but the bottle is empty. He puts it upside down and pours wine on the floor. He excuses to the lady, kissing her hand again and again and the lady turns into the waiter, smiling. The customer wants to kiss the lady's lips, then recoils, disgusted because it is the waiter. He hits the waiter who becomes the lady again. The man is sorry, excuses himself again and again, they sit down. Suddenly their chairs start moving around the table. After two rounds they stop. The customer and lady are exhausted, the lady wants to leave. The customer convinces her to stay, they sit down and fall to the floor because table and chairs disappear. The man helps the lady to stand up, tells her not to leave when the waiter appears behind his back and hits him with a plate on the head. The man, distracted, talks to the lady again. A sofa appears. They sit down. The man kisses her but it is the waiter. He hits him but it is the woman. Excuses, they embrace. The waiter, with his plate, appears behind them. Hits the woman. Woman and man flirt. They want to kiss, the waiter puts the plate between them. The man grabs his ear, leads him round the sofa, hits him, sofa and lady disappear, wild fight between man and waiter. Waiter wins, disappears, the man fights on, on his own and on, in the cafe again (as it was in the beginning: counter, customers, tables). The man smashes the table, the other customers jump up, calm him, sit him on a chair. He calms down, then laughs and shows his empty pockets and is thrown out.

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