Film: 2263

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W

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Baron Munchhausen goes to bed after becoming drunk 1911
His dreams or rather, nightmares, take place in a huge mirror behind his bed, involving him in the action. At the end he breaks the mirror and falls through.
'The Baron dines and wines well'.
Baron and four guests dining at French 17th century banquet. Vivid conversations. The guests leave. The servants lead the Baron away (who doesn't want to) he is heavily drunk. In the elaborate bedroom with a huge mirror behind the bed. He is laid down and undressed.
'Dreams and Nightmares'.
Baron sits up. The mirror comes to life: A violin player and two dancing couples. Baron kisses the hand of one of the ladies, who is with a guard in an emperor's room. Baron excuses himself and is thrown back into his bed. In the mirror, three Roman ladies, motionless who then turn into human dinosaurs, climbing in the Baron's bed, back into the screen and become guards, poking the Baron with their spears, he rolls to the floor. In the mirror again. The Baron climbs into his bed, complaining (play with a fake reflection of the Baron). The mirror turns into a winter landscape with a small church, the Baron is half awake. A strange winged devil or dragon crawls over the bed. A clown jumps around. The dragon again, the clown again,who rolls the Baron out of the bed. The bed moves away. In the mirror is five living statues. The Baron admires the beautiful female statue on top, jumps around, bows. The statues bow. Two of them become spouts of a fountain. The Baron walks around. The background changes; winter again. It snows. The baron feels cold. The statue of the sun in the background. The baron bows. The statue vanishes into a well in the ground. An explosion and a hell scene. Devils dance around the Baron. He wants them to go away. A dragon appears. Dancing. The Baron is despairing. An explosion. The dragon, spitting fire. The dragon disappears, the devils throw the Baron to the ground, poke him with their spears. Others bring the bed, throw him in, continue attacking him. The baron in the bed, the dragon dancing in the background, attacking the Baron. In the mirror. A spider woman (with octopus arms) perhaps Kali, attacking the Baron. Soldiers on a castle wall, shooting at him. The moon with a grim goblin's face appears behind moving clouds. He moves his head, his eyes, his tongue. A trunk comes out of his nose, he becomes an elephant with glasses, sprinkling water out of the trunk on the Baron. The Baron takes his bedside table and breaks the mirror, falling through it. Outside. The table falls into the garden, the Baron falls down, his clothes catch at the garden fence, he hangs there. Shouts. The servants run to him and help him.
'The result of his awakening.'
The Baron in front of a smaller mirror. His whole body aches. The servants laugh.
- FIN -

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