Film: 2264

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Comedy with Normand, Sennett and Sterling. Jokes centered around characters being European immigrants - their names are Schnitz and Meyer.
Mabel shows shopkeeper her shoes. He compares the size of them to his feet. They laugh. Shoe repairer gets exasperated trying to use pliers on sole of shoe. Hits himself in face with shoe. Girl and shopkeeper shake hands. Girl talks to shoe repairer. She leaves. Two shopkeepers talk about size of Mabel's feet. Cheese seller leaves shoes with shoe repairer. Shoe repairer buys cheese off cheeseseller. Gets coins out of pocket. They shake hands. At workshop shoe repairer opens packet of cheese. It smells terrible. He wraps it up and hides it in apron. Takes it back to cheeseseller. They smell it. He wants his money back, but doesn't get it. Back at his shop, is about to throw shoes on floor when he thinks. Opens packet of cheese, gets insole out of shoe. Puts cheese on insole and in boot. Takes boots back to cheeseseller. They smell bad. Cheeseman gives him coin. They shake hands. Cheeseman changes shoes and shows hole in sole to camera. Ford Sterling, shoe repairer does little dance. Cheeseman sniffs posy of flowers and does jig. At party man gives posy to girl. She is pleased and smiles. Leads her to dance floor. People dance. Cheeseman feels uncomfortable in his boots, but shrugs it off. Woman greets him but is aware of smell. Gives posy to girl, she sniffs, but pulls a face. Everyone stops dancing and leaves dancefloor. Man drinks. Woman sprays perfume in house. People avoid man with smelly feet. Girl excuses herself with headache. Man sprays himself with perfume and shrugs it off. Goes onto dancefloor which then clears. Holds Mabel by the hand. She realises it is his shoes which smell. She falls over whilst dancing. She is dizzy. Man eventually explains that he smells and cheeseman storms out still unaware of specific problem. Everyone at party now happy. Back home cheeseman starts to think. He works out it is his shoes that smell and pulls out the insole and shakes his fist. At party, shoeman wipes himself on sleeve and kisses Mabel's cheek. At party, cheeseman calls out boy to help him. Boy gets shoeman to go outside. Men shake hands and cheeseman puts cheese in shoeman's pocket, who then goes back in. Cheeseman spies through window at party and peoples' reactions to smelly man. He laughs. Girl looks annoyed and gives shoeman his ring back. She runs away. Shoeman finds cheese in his pocket and removes it. Cheeseman enters party. Shoeman puts cheese in his pocket. It is rammed in his face. He faints. Mabel faints into cheeseman's arms.

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