Film: 2267

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Williamson of the Brighton Pioneers.
A man is so absorbed in reading his book that he pours his coffee into his hat and trips over the maid. In the street, he walks around unaware that he is causing trouble. First in his dining room his wife points to the clock and gives him his hat but he just wants to carry on reading. A Victorian dining and his breakfast on the table. he pours his coffee and milk into his hat while reading then, realising his mistake, tips it out onto the carpet and splashes the wall. Outside the maid washes the step. Still reading, he trips over her, hurting her arm. He carries on, Two girls in pinafores turn a skipping rope as one jumps in the middle but our man walks right into it. The girls run off. he, still reading, walks into a donkey and the man on the cart behind hits him with a sack. walking down a wide boulevard. he dodges other walkers until finally he walks right into a steam roller, which runs right over him. A cyclist spots him flat on the road and, with the help of another pumps him up with a bicycle pump and brings him back to his feet. he shakes their hands, gets his book and goes on his way. The cyclists roar with laughter.

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