Film: 2272

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Mack Sennett comedy. Involves a flying car.
Policeman on motorcycle pulls to stop outside house. Dismounts. Wife emerges from house and calls and waves (close-up). Stretches out her arms and waves her fingers. Jumps into husband's arms, kicks her legs in the air. They kiss. In kitchen, seven-year old girl sweeps up with broom. Runs to father and he picks her up. Gives her his hat; he takes his jacket off.

Inventor stands next to Ford car which has gas balloon above it with the words "Victor Edison's Self-Raising Air Car". He tells people about car. Pulls man's hat over face. Wife sits in back of car next to little son in sailor costume and large flat hat; blows a trumpet; father throws trumpet away. Car on road, with large propeller turning at rear as it drives along. Balloon deflated. Stops car. Hears strange noise, gets out and lifts bonnet. Blind man with white stick hits him and car with stick. Knocks headlights out; man upset. Boy blows trumpet; father waves past an imaginary car, before realising it is not a car horn; pulls trumpet off son and throws it away. Boy gets out of car and gets trumpet; blows it again. Huge amounts of exhaust cover him in sooty deposit; he is dirty. Mother shows father; mother walks him off. Neighbour doesn't believe car will take off. Wife consoles inventor; neighbour warns inventor off. She pats his hand and simpers. Neighbour's/policeman's wife and inventor in car drive along with balloon deflated; get to traffic policeman who tells them to stop. Driver annoyed and gesticulates. Inflates the balloon quickly; car takes off. Super-imposed/double exposure film of car flying over streets. Man indicates left but turns right. Man points out the ground to girl - she faints on his shoulder; he puts his arm around her. Car lands and continues driving. Policeman on motorcycle and older bearded man talk. See neighbour carry his wife into building marked, 'Wiggle Inn. Dancing - open all night'. Doesn't recognise his own wife. Sees neighbour's wife with children in dog cart. Goes to warn his friend. Waiter enters room where inventor trying to rouse neighbour's wife. Taps him on the shoulder. Looks surprised. Waiter is thrown out; he is outraged. Opens door but man pushes him out again. Neighbour/ policeman is also pushed away before man realises who he is. He clutches his heart. Policeman knocks on door and eases himself into room. Door closed on him. Wife and son drink from glasses with straws. Boy sees silhouette of father and neighbour's wife apparently kissing. Points out silhouette to mother; she sees silhouette of him fanning woman. Close-up of door-handle turning, but not opening. Neighbour also sees silhouette. Sticks his head round curtain, but is shut out again. Wife bursts through door as her husband escapes through window carrying woman; woman and man see it is their husband and wife respectively. Carries unconscious woman to car with balloon over it. Dog jumps in the back. Motorcycle policeman chases them; car takes off. Dog pushed out with parachute on; lands safely. Pelican pecks at balloon. Man indicates pelican is pecking; pecks a hole in balloon. In 'Seaside Zoo', lots of lions run past camera. Man gets out of car; his trousers go down and come up quickly. Lions prowl around car. Policeman enters lions' cage; lion chases him out; door slammed in lion's face. Policeman throws rope across cage; his wife climbs across rope; inventor tries to do same, but lions jump in air and maul him, shredding his trousers; man pulled down by lion. Sits on ground - his boater spins round. Jumps back in car - it takes off with lion in back. Man jumps in sea.

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