Film: 2273

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Very funny film about a servant murdering a rich man in order to steal his money 1900's

Suddenly there are ghosts and skulls around him, and he is frightened to death.
Rich man comes into a hall (built on a stage), servant, wiping a table, brings a chair and makes him sit. Rich man sends servant out. The servant pretends to leave but hides in a cupboard. The rich man notices that the door is open, closes it. Before he has taken a sack of gold out of his coat and put it on the table. Now he lets the coins run through his fingers, excited. The servant comes out of the cupboard, watches him, unnoticed. Then he strangles and kills the rich man. He opens the door and carries the body out into a heap of straw. 'But alas! When the sleeping conscience awakes! Alas!' The servant hides the body in the straw and covers the body. Suddenly a ghost appears out of the haystack. The servant, frightened, hits it with the fork. The ghost disappears. The servant continues, then goes back into the hall. The sack of gold. Suddenly transforms into a skull. The servant is frightened. The face of the grandfather clock turns into a skull as well, and the face of a portrait hanging at the wall. The arm of the portrayed man moves. A ghost with skull steps out of the cupboard. The servant, frightened, leaves the room. Outside, graves appear, then a ghost as a guard at the gate. A second one in the door. Finally Death, the Grim Reaper, himself (with a scythe). The servant falls down.

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