Film: 2275

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Half-title reads 'Derby Day'. Man and woman at home stand next to breakfast table. Both wear hats and both read broadsheet newspapers. She throws paper away and takes newspaper from man. Woman sits down to read paper. Man struggles with his newspaper. He puts one sheet on woman - she pushes it off. She tells him to sit down. He taps his egg with his teaspoon. She reads aloud from paper. He reads his paper and accidentally puts salt in his teacup. He reads aloud from his paper. He smells the egg. It is off, he pulls a face and pushes egg away. She looks around - she can smell something horrible, realises it is the egg and pushes it back towards the man. He becomes aware of the egg and covers it with his bowler hat. He drinks his tea and spits it out.
[cut to] half-title, 'as usual, everyone is off to the Derby.' Woman sticks her head out of the window to see donkey cart outside her house with pearly king and pearly queen, decorated with flowers. Several people in the party. Man plays squeeze-box, pocket accordion. They ask woman to come with them. She says she cannot. Two donkey carts move off, all the people happy. Close-up of clock face with hands moving round quickly to illustrate time going by, the passage of time.
Stock footage of bookmakers at Epsom Derby meeting.
Lady talks to policeman on pavement. She looks very stern and severe. Woman is 'Eliza Doolittle' flower seller in Central London. Good stock shots (Piccadilly Circus) with her in front. Husband's friend calls at the house to ask if he wants to go to the pub, but the answer is "No" - he is too worried, waiting for the Derby result. Friend leaves. Husband hangs his hat on hook outside the front door and takes a drink from a jar.
Stock footage of the Derby - the finishing straight. Two men tell the flower-selling wife her horse has won the 'Calcutta'. She and they dance around, watched by genuine by-standers.
Stock footage of Piccadilly Circus from high up. Woman runs to get her coat and runs across the road from Piccadilly Circus followed by five men. Woman tries to kiss policeman (really) but he takes her arms off him. She dodges past traffic including an old bus. Policeman looks on. People besiege their house. Woman leaps into the arms of another policeman (actor) - "Charlie, we're rich! We've won!" and she does a little dance, hitching up her skirt. Policeman collapses against wall and she pulls him back by the belt.

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