Film: 2287

Animation | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Felix the cat cartoon.
Felix the cat prowls disconsolately. He lifts manhole cover. Sandwich board man walks near hole. Felix is annoyed man does not fall in. He takes his tail off and pushes hole after man who turns and falls in. The words fall off the sandwich board. The man's head emerges from the manhole with stars spinning around it. Felix makes an airplane out of a barrel and uses the sandwich board as wings. Felix uses the spinning stars as a propeller. [40 seconds long].
Mutt and Jeff are pursued by black savages. Mutt and Jeff turn round but the savages have hidden in a bush. Jeff looks into the bush but shakes his head. Plant becomes a palm tree. Jeff pushes trunk of tree and native leans out of top of tree and clubs Mutt on the head. Native kicks Jeff into Mutt. Natives jump on Mutt and Jeff and tie them up. Native turns club into platter with lid. Mutt and Jeff are put on platter and presented to unhappy king. He is delighted and licks his lips as he leaps down from his throne with the prospect of cannibalism. [53 seconds long].

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