Film: 2288

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


1) 'Harold - directeur de cinema'
Introducing text about Harold Lloyd and his carrier (in French); the types he plays (starting with Chaplin-imitations). 1'18''
2) (1'54'')
In front of a cinema.
Harold putting up a board ('today Pathe-day'). A policeman arrives. Harold pretends not to want to put up the board. After the policeman left, he puts it up. -The policeman returns, they argue. Harold impersonates the Pathe-cock. A lady at the counter. Harold puts his head through the window, she pays, enters. He leads her in the hall. Cleans a chair with a spectator's handkerchief. She sits. Harold stuffs the handkerchief into the spectator's mouth. The projectionist in a jam of film. Fat man and woman in front of the counter. Harold peers through the window, smiles at the woman. The man complains: he was first! Harold sells him a ticket, smiles at the woman. The man pushes Harold back: She is his girlfriend! At the entrance. Harold checks the tickets, accepts the girl's and rejects the man's, leads the girl into the hall, walks with her through the aisle, removing hats of the audience. The man, angry, follows. The projectionist fighting with the jammed film. He falls backwards, down a ladder and on the man, they fall down. The projectionist runs up again. Harold next to the woman, puts his feet on the seat of the spectator before him, who complains. Harold removes his hat. The spectator removes Harold's hat. The fat man climbs up into the projectionist's room. Harold, flirting, grabs the leg of the woman behind him. She slaps him, he excuses. The fat man arrives, throws Harold off his chair, three times (he always climbs back), then Harold runs away, comes again and throws the fat man off his chair.
3) The introduction again (1'18'')
4) (1'06'')
nearly the same extract as in (2), but some differences:
Harold, board and policeman (cf. 2)
-then: at the counter. A customer arrives, buys a ticket from Harold. He goes, Harold runs to the entrance. Harold checks the ticket, leads him into the empty cinema hall (only the pianist sits there, reading a paper). Harold shows a seat to the customer, then pushes him aside and runs away.
the lady at the counter (cf. 2)
... until Harold stuffs the handkerchief into the customer's mouth.
- then: A long queue in front of the cinema, Harold arrives.

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