Film: 2289

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Little girl in bed causes strange thing to happen with her jigsaw puzzle.
Girl sits up in bed and pulls large box onto bed. It reads "Jig-saw Puzzle". She opens box and tips puzzle onto her eiderdown / bedspread. She pieces bits of the puzzle together. She puts her big teddy bear in bed with her and falls asleep. Trick photography. The jig-saw pieces move around by pixilation. They jumble themselves up. The pieces form themselves into a kangaroo shape which jumps off. Jig-saw pieces form themselves into picture of a highland cow. The animated pieces move about. The picture comes to life and the highland cattle move. Girl cuddles and kisses teddy bear. Animation of jigsaw pieces which form themselves into a bowl of fruit. Fruit dances around. Bowl of fruit comes to life. Girl's hand selects a banana. Girl peels banana and bites top off it. She offers banana to teddy bear. Animated bowl of fruit jig-saw pieces form themselves into black and white kitchen which comes to life. Cat wears a big bow. Kitchen walks up bed and attacks eiderdown. Cat runs at girl and she plays with it. animated vases of flowers. Girl smells large chrysanthemum. She offers it to teddy bear to smell. Jigsaw pieces form into a rabbit. She strokes rabbit. Rabbit walks on bed. Jigsaw pieces form into a monkey on a perch. It comes to life and eats. Girl pushes teddy bear away. animation effect produces clown who comes to life. He bows and dances. Girl claps happily. Trick photography whereby clown is only foot tall and jumps onto bed. He has blocked, up face. clown dances in front of girl. He disappears. Jigsaw pieces dance and form into a lion. Girl rubs her tired eyes. Camera dissolves into girl asleep in bed. She wakes up and rubs her eyes. Mother sits at her dressing table and enters room to comfort her daughter. She cuddles her. Girl points at jig-saw. Mother touches jigsaw pieces and wags her finger at daughter. She tucks girl up, puts teddy bear in bed and kisses her good-night.

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