Film: 229

Media | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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Very rare footage of an interview with the director , Alfred Hitchcock . Unfortunately , the interviewer's questions are inaudible , but it is a very interesting study , and contains a clip from the feature "To Catch a Thief" which he is promoting .

Hitchcock (in late middle age - white hair) sits in a TV set . He is in an armchair and holds a cigar . There is a heavy velvet curtain behind him and a coffee table with flowers on his right . He scratches his brow , he looks round shiftily . He begins to answer a question (unheard) . Close up on his face talking about "The Trouble with Harry" and "To Catch a Thief" and their respective body counts . He smirks as he talks about the "other kinds of body - nice curvaceous feminine bodies." (he's a dirty old sod and no mistake) . He looks down , causing double chin squidginess . He looks up as though listening and begins to answer the second question . (insert again not shown/heard) . He talks about various films - possibly made with a particular collaborator or scenario creator . He shifts in his chair and smiles before speaking again (question not heard) . He talks about a love scene with Grace Kelly where , during filming , a transformer burnt out the electrical system . He is trying to make a pun on the heat of her love 'cos he's a randy old goat . He pulls a dirty old man smile as he speaks . He looks down and starts speaking while looking into his lap . He talks about the location of "To Catch a Thief" . The next question (not heard) makes him smile smugly . He begins talking about his cameo appearance in "To Catch a Thief". He announces that he only allows half his face to be seen as it is very fat . He looks down , still smirking . He frowns and begins to answer the question . Cut away from close up in the middle of his sentence . He introduces "a few little scenes from the picture" .
Grace Kelly and Cary Grant sit in a convertible car . There is a picnic basket beside Grant and they wipe their hands with napkins . Grant has his feet out of the open passenger door so that he is not fully facing Kelly . he chastises her . He turns to her and grips her wrist . Cut to close up of their two faces . She flirts with him . Grant pulls on Kelly's arm until she is lying down (with her head in the basket?!) They kiss for ages .
Cut back to our Alfie sitting in the same place , still looking smug . He glances at the flowers and looks up sharply (probably the next question is being put) He shrugs and tells the interviewer (not shown) to go and see the picture on the big screen . He continues to stare at the flowers . He smiles and chews his bottom lip . he nods his head slightly and says "Thank you."

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