Film: 2296

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Feature film extracts - difficult to understand. Appears to be a hero dog rescue.

Old, scruffy woman and old man in "Pioneer" clothing. Woman goes over to pretty young girl who is crouched on the floor and grabs her shoulder. They argue and young woman bites old woman. Man peers out of the window. Old woman shakes girl whose hands are tied together. Old woman picks up a rifle and walks away. Man and woman look at girl and smirk. Girl looks scared. Girl swoons. Cut to girl in same position looking scared. Woman peers in window at her and menaces girl a bit. Cut to a dog, possibly Alsatian or German Shepherd in a section of a tunnel. Dog digs furiously, close up of girl in a swoon. Dog digging. Close up of dog baring teeth. Man covers 'window' with a boulder. Dog emerges from hole in side of cave. Girl gasps. - section missing - Young man knocks away the boulders at cave's mouth, which block girl's exit. Cut to a figure on horseback chasing the hero dog. Man strikes girl. Old man goes back to cave mouth. Dog being chased. Two men fight. Old man wins. Young man hits old man over the head with a pot of moonshine. Two men fight . Young man crushed to death.

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