Film: 230

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Sir Anthony Eden (British Foreign Secretary) tours India and Pakistan 1940's

Eden with the new Governor General of India in New Delhi. Interior shots of him being introduced. Eden with Pandit Nehru. Eden with the new rulers of the Indian Union (probably 1949).
Indian National Airlines small propeller plane lands. Eden gets out in Pakistan. The Governor General Mr Jinnah's successor, Mr Nasimuddin. Eden walks with him on a veranda. Karachi street scenes with camel cart with timber, beautiful buildings. The North west Frontier, he inspects troops on the Khyber pass. He explores an old fort, then by car to pass. Traffic signs, wild landscape. The Pakistan border with Afghanistan. A border guard. He meets the tribesmen. Took a look at the road Asia-India.
Eden descends from a BOAC plane and speaks into a microphone about the unity of the Commonwealth.


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