Film: 2303

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Soviet propaganda with cult of personality theme around Stalin as friend and father to the peasant and steel worker.

Stalin, planting new trees. An official tells him that the steel-worker Alexei Ivanov has come. The official returns with a worried looking man.
"Can you tell me what I've been called for". The man steps back hesitantly into area of newly planted trees. The official leaves.
Ivanov greets Stalin as Joseph Visarionovich. The men go inside.
Ivanov greets other officials including Comrade Kalinin. A table is laid and they sit down to eat. They discuss the making of steel. Ivanov gushes about his passion for steel.
Stalin as he ladles more soup/gravy.: "Steel will decide everything in the next war".
Stalin asks Ivanov if he is married. Ivanov tells him about Pushkin and her poetry.
Stalin encourages Ivanov to work hard and achieve still greater successes. Ivanov replies that they won't let him down.
They shake hands and he leaves the room.

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