Film: 2307

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


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Comedy 1900's
Children steal hose pipe and direct it into house. Father and mother get wet in dining room. Others in bedroom and study.
Gardener watering terrace with hose. Boy and girl sneak up. Man turns tap off. Girl indicates hose to boy. He picks hose up. Girl turns on tap. Boy sprays hose around. Girl directs him to open window. Boy props hose up on wheelbarrow. Internal shot of jet of water entering room and bouncing off ceiling. Water splashes over bowl and plates on table. Cut to room above. Couple sitting at table. He drinks from cup, she reads newspaper. Jet of water hits table underneath. They get up. Table knocked over by force of water. Water hits ceiling. They disappear and reappear with umbrellas. Man falls to knees as bits of ceiling start to collapse. Room above with floor shaking and jet of water coming through floor. Woman in bed and man in nightshirt and nightcap. Man hides under table. Woman hides under bedclothes. Next see water jet going though tile in roof and playing over roof. Water goes down chimney. Man is sitting at table reading newspaper and laughing. Water comes out of fire place. He is surprised. Stands up. Sweeps papers of table and tries to block fireplace. Turns table on side and tries to block fireplace. Torrent of water sweeps table and him away. Starts floundering. Pulls chair over. Water enters another room as a jet. Woman discovers water entering front room and tries to close window. Two men knocked over by water exiting fireplace. Water floods downstairs. Three men are washed down stairs. Men washed out of front door. They accuse gardener who is turning tap off. They turn tap back on, two hold him, and other man plays hose on gardener. Children stand in background and jump with glee.

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