Film: 2314

Feature Drama | 1900 | Sound | B/W


Nice "proto-Lassie" film with Rover, a popular dog in his day, as hero. Rescued By Rover by Cecil Hepworth Show interesting class prejudices 1905

A baby in a white dress lies on a cushion. Rover, a Border collie stands guard over it. Cut to nursemaid in white dress wheeling an old style perambulator or pram through a park. She passes a woman in a scruffy shawl who puts out her hand in a begging gesture. Nurse walks on. And shakes her fists and follows her. Nursemaid stops to talk to a policeman. They turn away from the pram. Beggar creeps over and takes the baby. She wraps the baby in her shawl and runs off. Nurse and the policeman walk away with their arms round each other. Nurse drags the pram behind her, oblivious to the theft.

Cut to baby's house. Mother sits in a large chair doing needlepoint. Nanny comes in and wrings her hands melodramatically. Nanny falls to the floor and begs for forgiveness. Rover sits next to the nanny. Rover jumps out of a nearby window and runs down the street (towards camera) Rover swims across a fast-running river. Rover arrives in a slum area and enters a brick building through an open door. He exits and checks in the next door. Rover pushes the door open with his feet and enters.

Cut to inside. The beggar woman arranges her shawl over the bare floor. She sits and takes off the baby's coat hat and dress. She puts the baby on the shawl and sits on the floor examining its clothes. Rover enters and the beggar woman jumps up, waving her arms around. Rover escapes. Rover swims back across the river and runs back to the house where he jumps back in the window. His master sits at a table with his head in his hands, despairingly. Rover jumps up at him and paws his legs. Rover jumps at the door and wags his tail. The master stands and follows Rover down the street (he is now wearing a coat and top hat). Rover swims the river. His master follows in a conveniently-placed rowing boat.

Cut to dog and master in the slum street. Women stand at the doorways watching him walk by. Rover and Master enter the beggar woman's house. Master picks up the baby and fights off the beggar woman who tries to hit him. Beggar takes a long drink from a bottle of spirits and sleeps huddled in the corner.

Cut to mother sitting forlornly in her parlour chair. Rover bursts in, wagging his tail. Father enters jubilantly, holding the baby aloft. Mother, father, baby and dog all sit together, contentedly. Close up of happy family. End.

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