Film: 2318

Farming + Rural Life | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Opening scene of Farmer with cart leading a horse behind.
Herds of sheep and cattle controlled by the cowboys and driven
across the Western Plains and wide rivers. Cowboys on horseback chase errant cows to drive them back to the herd. Horses swim across a river. Cowboy herds horses. A horse is lassoed by a cowboy and led away from the rest of the herd. Men on horseback gallop wildly across the plains and through a river, one horse and rider falls into the water. A rodeo, spectators arrive on horseback. Crowds sitting in the stands. Men ride bucking broncos. Views of faces in the stands. More bucking horses, one particular ride shown in slow motion, as the horse almost crashes into the rails that separate the audience from the arena. Good close up view of two cowgirls in the audience. For horseback action, man rides a bucking horse with a saddle, the film is them reversed to show the action backwards. A rodeo cowboy hangs on for dear life, before losing his hat and falling off – good action sequence. Wide view of the crowded stands. Another rider out of the gate who quickly falls off and is then chased by the bucking horse. Further riders enter the arena. One man falls with the horse on top of him. A group of riders all enter the arena at once at full gallop. One bareback rider falls and another grabs the reins but is dragged along the ground.
Stagecoach Races. Riders doing stunts in horses, handstands, jumps with two horses, while rider has one foot on each horse. Young rider tries tricks on his pony. Man hangs upside down in the saddle at full gallop. Demonstration of how to lasso a passing horse rider.
5m.30ss:- Bulldogging – 2 riders on horseback with Bull between them, one rider jumps down and after a struggle brings the Bull down holding his horns to touch the ground. Amazed faces in the crowd of onlookers. Comic relief with a clown aggravating a Bull before being brought down by him. More bull dogging action. View of crowds in the stands. Wild Steers with brave riders endeavouring to stay on. One clip is played in reverse with the bull rider going backwards.
07m.26ss:- A Charlie Chaplin style clown plays dodgem with a bull. Three cowgirls wave from the stands, one wears a Miss Oceanside sash. The clown continues his antics, leaping over the horns of a large bull. The crowd laugh. The bull almost tramples the clown. The crowd look concerned. More bull rodeo riding. One bull tries to climb out of its pen. Views of the crowd. A man is thrown high into the air as he is hit by a bull from behind, he crashes onto the ground. Brahma Bull rodeo riders in action, people are thrown into the air by bulls’ horns, a bull falls over, lots of action. Cowboy sing-a-long around a camp fire at night.

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