Film: 2319

Animation | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Koko the clown cartoon. Mixes film with animation by the Fleischer Brothers
Film - close up of book 'Hypnotism made easy'. Two men talk. One is dressed like a mad professor. Other is one of the Fleischer Brothers. He starts to draw. We see his hand on the screen (a typical cartoonist ploy). A clown appears. And is inked in. The two men talk. Professor is impressed. Max Fleischer's hand pats Koko on the back. Because of the Fleischer Rotoscope technique of animation Koko moves very easily and naturally. Close up of Ko-Ko blinking. Film and cartoon quickly intercut. Close up of professor. Koko writes 'Who is your vamp friend?' The professor is annoyed. Bad actor Fleischer explains something from book. Close up of directions of how to hypnotise a person. Fleischer decides to hypnotise the clown. He rubs his hands together and casts spell type hypnoses. Clown's head becomes asses head. The clown is now a donkey. Fleischer's hand drawing string of sticks of dynamite tied to donkey's tail. These firecrackers explode one after another and mule runs off madly. Men laugh. Hypnotist shows animator how to wake subject by clapping hands together and saying the magic word 'Blintzes'. Cartoonist does this. The clown reappears. Clown pulls catapult out and prepares to shoot it. Cartoonist cowers. Professor talks to a female cartoonist on either side of room. Man hypnotises girl. The clown starts to stagger about. Girl falls asleep. She is hypnotised. Woman stands with crossed arms. Clown tries to pick its hat off the floor. This moves about. Clown shadow boxes an invisible or imaginary enemy. Shadow puts on hat and lies down again. Six shadows appear and dance in a circle around Koko. Clowns head spins. Clown cannot catch shadow.
Film - A fully levitated hypnotised woman. She rises slowly. Clown nails its shadow down, but is now stuck to the spot. He removes large nail. Clown runs along, trying to escape shadow. The hypnotist raises the woman higher. Shadow mocks clown. Shadow hypnotises clown into thinking he is a shadow. Shadow walks about nonchalantly with Koko as his shadow (which is quite clever and innovative). Shadow pushes Koko down with his foot. Cartoon tries to wake clown, claps hands and call 'Blintzes', but it is the girl who is dehypnotised and who falls on the hypnotists head. Koko crawls around on all fours. Girl and Fleischer go to the hypnotist's aid. Clown leaps away from page, reads book on hypnosis and hypnotises the hypnotist - the biter bit!

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