Film: 2326

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Intertitle - "Mr Goodhusband hands over his salary" Dining room with a table set with cups and plates, a maid pulls the chair out for the gentleman of the house and his wife stands next to him with her hands on her hips as he sits down. He is wearing a suit and she is wearing a white blouse buttoned up to her neck and a long skirt. He stands up and begins to hand over money from his wallet. His wife greedily holds out her hands. The maid leaves the room while this is going on. He goes to put his wallet back in his pocket but she gestures for him to hand over more. His face drops and she grabs the rest of the money from him. They sit down and she begins to count out the money. The husband sulks as his wife berates him. Intertitle - "His spending money". The husband stands next to his wife with his hand out and a turned down lip. She relents and gives him one measly coin. He nods meekly and leaves the room. Intertitle - "and he only has fifty cents". Gentlemen in lightly coloured suits and boater hats are sat at a row of bar tables outside. They drink up their last drinks and a barman comes over to take their money. They place their money in a box and all get up to leave apart from the husband. The barman presents him with the bill and he shows him that he only has fifty cents. Outraged, the barman calls over a manager who is a large man with a moustache. The husband begins to quibble the bill with the manager who threatens him with his fist. The husband pats his pockets to show that he has no more money and then begins to write on the bill, presumably a promise that he will pay at a later date. The manager coerces the fifty cents out of him, shakes his fist one last time and storms back inside. Intertitle - "His scheme to pay the I.O.U". Nervously the husband enters the house where his wife sits dozing. He places his hat down and twitches his fingers. Suddenly an idea hits him and he goes over to his wife to remove her necklace and broach. She wakes and he hugs and kisses her dramatically and leads her out of the room. He celebrates until his wife walks in distraught that she has lost her jewellery. They hunt around the room for it. Intertitle - "He advertises". They sit looking at a newspaper. Close-up of a newspaper with a large "Eagle Brand Condensed Milk" advertisement at the top and writing beneath with the heading "Lost, Found and Rewards". The wife cries and the husband leaves the room. Intertitle - "He engages an accomplice". A man stands on a pavement with lots of trees in the background. He is scruffy looking with a creased jacket and dishevelled hat. He absentmindedly plucks petals from a flower. The husband walks over to him and watches him for a moment, he still has the newspaper in his hand. An idea strikes him again and he offers his hand to the man. He whispers in his ear and points to something in the newspaper. The man shakes his head and goes to walk away. The husband reaches into his pocket, pulls out his wife's necklace and hands it to the man. The man looks impressed and the two men link arms and walk off together. Intertitle - "Suspicious of the tramp he secures him". The two men are outside a house and they talk. The husband runs around the back of the house and the tramp puts his hands on his hips and chatters to himself. The husband returns and ties a rope around the tramp's waist. He hands him a piece of paper and the tramp goes into the house. The husband keeps the other end of the rope and disappears around the back of the house again. The tramp enters the house with the rope sticking out of his back. The husband struggles to keep hold of the rope from his hiding place. The tramp stumbles about and takes hold of the rope pulling back. He walks further into the room and calls out. The wife appears and the tramp shows her the jewellery. She is thrilled and goes to pay him. The husband pulls hard on the rope and the tramp stumbles backwards out of the house, the startled wife follows him. He gives her the jewellery and she pays him. At the back of the house the husband begins to reel the tramp towards him. The tramp wriggles free of the rope and hands it to the wife. He laughs to himself as the wife follows the trail of the rope. He counts out his money and walks away. The wife finds the husband and throws her hands in the air.


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