Film: 2333

Personalities | 1940 | Sound | Colour


Laurel and Hardy in a very rare colour advert promotion for timber in America
Unfortunately they look rather old and pathetic.

Pete Smith hails them and ask them if they know how many things they are carrying are made of wood. They do a comic routine involving various objects that have constituents that are made from wood including their suitcase. Rayon fibre is made from wood so are various articles of clothing. Laurel and Hardy did not realise how much of the everyday objects they carry was made from wood. A car moves off trapping their pyjamas in the door. They run after it. Fade. Film goes on to show how, timber will win the war ! Nice colour of American soldiers or G.I's. View of Forest scenery with rivers, lakes etc. U.S. Forest Service, Wisconsin. View of laboratory. Mechanics and operatives inside laboratory. Carrying out tests and experiments. Wood is tested for strength for use in aeroplanes. Manufactured wood is tested by having a real, elephant stand on it. A single engine single wing aeroplane - even the gas tank is made of wood. Soldiers building a bridge, made from wood. Used in gas masks. Used for making ammunition boxes. Used for war effort and buildings etc. A parade marching by with rifles and tin hats. Servicemen marching in sunlit streets carrying the Stars and Stripes. View of Washington. End.

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