Film: 2340

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Good comedy horse race with strange animated effects. Stars Billy Bevan.
Man kicked out of railway wagon by horse. Horseshoe in his clothes. He is jockey. Horse led out of wagon. Billy hiding underneath. Puts his hands up - he is mistaken for jockey by owner. Falls in love with girl - animated Cupid hits him on head with hammer - hearts. Girl impressed by him. They get into horse drawn carriage. They drive off, but horse tied at back doesn't move and Billy falls out. He tries to mount horse - saddle slips and he rides it upside down. Pursuit around paddock - woman gets towed along. All end in heap. Woman taken away in bath chair. Dog tied to bathchair chases cat, bathchair and woman carried off. Car chases after - pulls workmens' platform down. Man carrying boxes falls in puddle. Bathchair runs in front of tram. Car soaks man with boxes. Car crashes through boxes. Car crashes into motorcyclist. All fall out of car. Man directing traffic. Bathchair crashes into man and picks him up too. Pursued by car. Man falls out - car knocks him in air, he somersaults. He has numberplate imprinted on his backside. Man in car tries to use lasso. He lassos woman round neck. Car breaks and pulls her out of chair. Man consoles her. She slaps Billy - he falls down. Man handcranks car. Man with numberplate points at backside and arrests him. Horse led into horse box - it drives off with three men on back. Prison cells - Billy in stripy uniform thrown in. Horse box / police wagon arrives. Horse has ball and chain at each foot. Billy locked in as is horse. Horse race. Race track bugler. Jockeys and horses line up for start of race. Man with gun prevented from starting race. Horse kicks prison door down. Billy jumps on horse - escpes, but horse still manacled.

Breakout sequence: the horse is inside a prison cell. Camera position is from outside cell with horse facing away. The cell is made up of one solid wall with barred window and three walls entirely composed of bars. The wall nearest the camera position contains the barred door. We have a very clear view as the horse violently kicks down the bars of the wall and door. The horse takes about seven kicks to demolish the bars. Meanwhile, in the adjoining cell a man in a striped prison uniform climbs up the interconnecting bars, over the top and as the horse has made his final kick, drops onto the horse’s back. The cell wall is demolished. These shots are intercut so there are three sequences of horse kicking down bars. As sherriff and guard rush in the cells area, the horse and rider burst out of the cell and are away.
They ride through an outer office, past two female telephonists who, shocked, fall onto the floor.
Throughout the whole sequence the horse has steel balls chained to each foot, though these are not particularly obvious.

Police chase in car and shoot. Race starts. Balls removed from horse's feet. Police car on track knocks specators off fence. Horses jumping. One jockey stunned, animation effects. Billy falls off. Horse overtakes rivals. Car hits Billy back onto horse - he rides it standing on its back. Police drive into pond. Billy in lead at finish line, but bounces off finish line and falls off. He wins. A hero - hoofprints on face. Lifts girl in air.

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