Film: 2342

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Comedy where man dreams of adventures in strange land. Some animated effects, though principally filmed action fantasy piece.
Girl dropped off at house and man falls asleep. Car drives though tunnel and mountains. Man strikes next to big car. Arab man beats girl, he rescues and is thrown over a cliff. Policeman wakes him up.
In U.K. a man drives a girl home in an open topped car. He stops outside her house. She smiles as she gets out. He raises his hat politely. He blows her a kiss. She returns one. She wears a wonderful headscarf. Man stops his car in countryside. He reaches for a cigarette which he lights in his cupped leather glove wearing hands. He drops the match over the side of the car. He puffs away and inhales. Driving away from the camera on the 'Portsmouth Road' in the middle of a pine forest. Man indicates right and turns to the right. Car enters road tunnel. From inside tunnel we see car leaving tunnel shot from behind. (The whole of this sequence looks as if it was filmed in France - left hand drive, car on right side of road). Man sits in stationary car, and turns steering wheel. Car is a left hand drive model. Panorama of a French, Spanish, or Pyreneean village(?) Man stands on running board and takes off his overcoat and hat. By some stop motion animation he shrinks. He jumps down from the running board. As he lands he rolls over. He dusts himself down. Trick shot as the now very short man stands in front of his huge car. He walks towards town in France or Spain. He wanders about deserted narrow backstreets. Chickens peck at ground. A man who resembles a Moor in a turban and flowing robes takes a stick to a woman and prepares to beat her. (Could be used for racist piece). Man runs up external staircase. Close ups of Arab man brandishing stick. Close up of pleading woman. Our hero, Reggie, runs to the rescue. He starts to remonstrate with Arab and punches him to the ground. Arab lies motionless on the floor. Reggie helps woman to her feet and leads her away by the hand. She, in her Arabian style clothes, leads him through steep streets. They are confronted by Moor and turn and run. This happens several times. The Moor wields a dagger in a menacing manner. The couple are surrounded by several manifestations of the Moor. They run at one Arab and Reggie hits him. They escape. Girl metamorphoses into Arab man as reggie drags her along. Arab stabs reggie. Arab lifts Reggie onto low wall and kicks him over parapet. Animated effect whereby body falls down cliff. Reggie lands at bottom of cliff.
A British police constable walks along a country road. He approaches a sleeping Reggie in his car and shakes him awake. Reggie gets out of car and talks to policeman. He points into the distance and demonstrates strangulation. Policeman helps man back into his car. Reggie acknowledges police constable's help and waves. He drives off. Policeman stands with hands on hips, smiling.

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