Film: 2344

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


A tramp tells another tramp that scarecrow's coat is bewitched to stop him from taking it before he does. Tells a tall story about how it grants your wishes when you rub it.

A scarecrow in a open field. He isn't much more than a stick with a hat and coat. Intertitle - "Orace, who has very little energy but lots of imagination, sees a chance to replenish his wardrobe". A tramp with a ripped coat and shabby hat stands by a lake shivering and rubbing his arms. He tries to warm himself by a fire. He looks at the scarecrow, then down at his own coat and walks over to the scarecrow. Intertitle - "But 'Erbert gets there first!". A similar looking tramp stumbles up a wet, muddy path blowing into his hands. He too, spots the scarecrow. He runs over, looks around him to see if anyone is watching and then starts to lifts the coat from the scarecrow. Horace sees him about to take the coat and grins with an idea. Intertitle - "Don't touch it, mate! It's witched! I wouldn't 'ave it for a thousand quid!". Herbert doesn't believe him and reaches for the coat again. Horace begins to tell a story. Intertitle - "I spotted that coat yesterday and it got me into a lot of trouble!". Horace is seen putting on the scarecrow's coat. He walks along and rubs his hands. Intertitle - "I was rubbing me 'ands to get 'em warm and wishing I was somewhere 'ot like, when..". He is seemingly transported to a hot exotic climate and starts to feel very hot. Intertitle - "Thinks I, this old coat 'as got something to do wiv it, so I 'as a rub and wishes for a bit of cool afore I melts!". Horace rubs the coat and spins around. He finds himself in the snow and cold again. Intertitle - "But I don't 'old with these 'winter sports' so I wishes for something in between!". He rubs the coat and spins around again. He finds himself sat on a park bench on a nice day. He sits back and takes a cigarette out of his pocket. A policeman comes along and starts talking to Horace. He takes hold of him and drags him away. Having escaped, he is sat on the rocks on a beach in the South of France. He looks over at the pier and seagulls fly around. Intertitle - "I seemed right out of me helement, and I was thinking how nice if I was bird, when..". Scratching the coat he stands and is lifted into the air. Funny scene as he is "flying" and flapping his hands and legs, looking out over the ocean. Intertitle - "The old coat worked so quick when I wanted to come down that I lost my propeller". Horace plummets to the ground hitting the rocks on the way. He lands with a damaged propeller in his hand. He stumbles about wearily. At the scarecrow and Horace describes his fall and the pain.
Horace stands at the side of the road where a car passes him. He rubs the coat quickly and make the car re-appear next to him. He gets in the car and starts to drive inexpertly. He careers all over the road. Intertitle - "But a bloke like Napoleon got in me way!". A man dressed like Napoleon steps out in the road and flags Horace down. He drives into him and pushes him against the rocks. He helps him up and the man looks at him and the car suspiciously. Nervous, Horace rubs the coat again and end up at a café table in a garden. He wishes for wine and it appears in front of him. He takes a sip but spits it out dramatically. A man and a woman are sat together talking. He is holding her hand and talking and she laughs and turns away sheepishly. She starts to whisper into his ear when Horace wishes her next to him. She appears next to Horace and her partner comes over to him waving his fists. Horace makes a run for it pursued by the angry man. They run towards the sea and he chases Horace around boats which are lying on the shore. The man gets hold of Horace but he wriggles free leaving the coat on the ground. He catches him again and gives him a thump and a kick. He picks up a rock and brings it down on Horace's head. Sitting up wearily, he stumbles over to the coat and kicks it. He puts it on and wishes to be home in his old rags.
At the scarecrow Herbert decides the coat isn't worth the trouble and walks away still cold and grumbling. Horace puts on the scarecrow's coat and laughs.


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