Film: 2348

Feature Drama | 1900 | Sound | B/W


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(Film Missing 06/07)

A film that was originally made in 1908 as a silent feature film. It has since had a soundtrack laid on it (possibly during the 1930s) which includes a voice-over and music. The voice-over adopts a mocking tone. Classic melodrama with a temperance movement theme.
Men in an office working at different desks. Older man (the boss) looks at the clock mounted on the wall and everyone gets up, they put on their hats and they leave the office. The group of them are still together when they reach a bar on the streets of Paris, France. Pierre (one of the men) is reluctant to enter the establishment but is eventually persuaded. Meanwhile at home, Pierre's wife is becoming agitated because he is an hour late and her children are eating in their middleclass dining room (which looks very Victorian). A drunk Pierre staggers into the room. He tries to kiss his wife but she is having none of it. As he grasps a bottle and glass from the table she runs to her children and looks at him in fear. Next day at the office Pierre looks very hung over. In contrast everyone else in the office appears to be acting normally. Pierre pulls a bottle out of his jacket pocket. His boss sees and stands up to get a better look. Pierre puts the bottle to his lips and the boss places his hand accusingly on his shoulder. Pierre claims that it is not an alcoholic drink but the boss is not fooled. The boss points a lot and sacks him on the spot while his work colleagues laugh. Back at home Pierre, his wife and two children stand in a now empty room as removal men / bailiffs take away their belongings. Their house is also claimed and they are forced to leave. They have become destitute because Pierre is an alcoholic. The family are then seen in a bedsit. He now has a beard and she wears a torn apron. He drinks from a bottle and begins to hallucinate. Now to a bar where Pierre tells a story at a small table. He drinks but a fight breaks out and he collapses. The police appear and Pierre is carried away by the gendarmes. Finally, he is seen in a straw-filled cell. He has gone mad. Alcoholism does not pay!

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