Film: 2349

Animation | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Pixilation animation anti war moral with two neighbours who fight over and destroy a sunflower. Unusual music sound effects.

Two Houses, Two Deckchairs, Two Men sitting in Deckchairs. They light a match, smoke a pipe and read the newspaper. Startled they turn to see a flower growing behind them. They inspect the flower. The two men move unusually around the garden, on back, flying and skating movements. One protects the flower, and then the other and end up fighting. Each indicates that the flower belongs to them. The two men then try to show that the flower falls within their boundary. A fence appears and the other man moves it. They fight over the flower using fence stakes. The flower appears to be afraid. Continuing the fight they brawl knocking down the fence, their faces painted to show anger. In the brawl they are seen stamping on the flower and their clothes are torn. They fight to the death.
A fence appears, surrounding two graves, upon which are two crosses, and at the foot of each cross is a flower.

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