Film: 2350

Religion | 1900 | Sound | B/W


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This is a film about the film Life of Christ 1906

Modern day image of a projectionist showing a film.
The film. The actors are on a stage and are dressed in flowing robes. They depict a scene from the bible. The men are sitting around a table and are having a drink. One of the actors is taking the role of Jesus Christ. A woman (Mary Magdalen?) comes into the room and throws herself at the feet of Jesus. He stands up and blesses her. She prays and then leaves as more women enter the scene. The Narrator says that the film was coloured frame by frame using a technique called Pathe Colour. Narrator says that in 1912 the appearance of Christ on the screen was considered blasphemous. Scene where Jesus carries the cross through a crowded street. Narrator says that the film was promoted as having a large cast of actors, though he says it seems as if some of the crowd scenes are use the same actors several times and just colour their robes differently each time they are seen. Narrator says the film cost £5,000 to make.

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