Film: 2353

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Cars go round corner, man falls out of each. Pickaxe gag, man towed out of hole. Road race. At start Andy Clyde with a chequered flag. Car reverses into starter's tower and tows it along race track. Men on top jump off at bridge. Billy's car takes a short cut. it has a bike attached to the side. Wheel come off car. Billy gets on bike and cycles after it. He overtakes other cars. Crashes into barn. He stops his car. Puts tyre on car. Car crashes through log and dazed men carry firewood away. Men fall out of their cars as they turn. Pickaxe wielding road mender pulled out of hole. Dazed, he jumps back in. Men change "Detour" signs around. Men wave flags at car and it gets blown up but continues all tatty with bits hanging off it. Bits fall off car. "Danger Road Closed" sign. cars drive down ramp, take-off and land on each other. Dynamite stick put in gas tank - blows Bevan over the finish line. Chaired as victors. Race sequence a bit longer here. When judges get thrown onto bridge, railway train nearly runs them down. Two cars race side by side down hilly road. One car overtaken by a lot of others. Man emerges from shed with tyre round neck and horse shoes embedded in it. Cars wheel comes off. Cheering spectators. Five-point turn.

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