Film: 2356

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Early trick motoring comedy ? Motorist by Robert Paul

(A motor car is parked at the gateway of a villa, with man motorist carefully helping his lady into the car, and they drive off and soon get up a good speed. - this shot missing see other numbers) A policeman waves to them to stop the car, but they do not. The policeman stands right in the way of the car, he is knocked onto the bonnet of the car. He is carried some way with the woman passenger hitting him on the head. Eventually he falls off, and one of the car wheels goes over him. The policeman picks himself up, and chases the car. The motorcar goes on down the road, until a public house is entirely blocking the way. The car does not stop, but drives right up the front of the house. The policeman looks on with other bystanders. (Sequence of animation). The car drives across the roofs of houses then over the outline of the clouds. The car flies off and drives around the moon which has a smiling face (the man in the moon), and reaches the planet Saturn. The motorist drives around Saturn's rings, but eventually rides off into space. The car is seen falling through the clouds to earth, until it drops through the roof of a building which turns out to be a Court of Justice. Great confusion is caused. The car continues out of the Court followed by a policeman, magistrate, and other officials. While they look at the car and endeavor to arrest the driver. But the car changes into a countryman's cart. The driver becomes man in a smock and the woman has also changed appearance. They drive away in the cart and it changes back to the motor car.

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