Film: 2377

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Comedy. In a dining hall a man runs through a central opening swing door. He goes to counter and woman behind large cash register. He checks his wristwatch. He is exasperated and puts his clenched fist on his hip. He is very demonstrative. He puts his fingers in his ears. Joke Frenchman.
Man walks to a stable, picks up halter, puts it round his neck and takes lots of horse tack off door. He loads himself up and checks his fob watch. He emerges from stable riding the smallest of cars. It is a pedal car. In a street he takes a left turn, as he indicates by holding his arm out. A car pulls slowly to a halt and man in pedal car pulls up behind him. Traffic policeman on points duty has his arms spread wide. Cop calls traffic on and car backfires a huge cloud of black smoke enveloping the pedal car. Man in pedal-car is filthy with a grimy face. He races off and makes traffic cop jump out of the way. Man on car on open road in undeveloped area. He cleans his face as he drives along. He enters door of café or steak house we saw earlier. He pedals straight through swing door as boss comes out of other side. Customers all look on. He opens cupboard under a sink and stashes his car in it. He puts sign on door saying 'Garage'. Café owner and chef wearing chef's hat have an altercation or argument. Owner storms off giving chef orders on paper. The owner walks into café, pulls out a tall school, stands on it and talks to customers. Some customers applaud and two men grab each other and dance around and around in a circle. The chef in the kitchen blows on a trombone. He lifts a blind and five waitresses step into room. He gives them trays and the girls walk into the dining room. One waitress stays behind with the chef. He takes tray from her and lifts her in a sitting position onto a worktop. He rests his arm on her leg and she holds his arm. Two white mice on a shelf. Manager directing waitresses. Smoke comes from oven, chef removes his car. Irritable customer seated at a table with a woman gesticulates that he is unhappy to manager. Girl is sent out of kitchen with tray. She presents it to irritable man. His plate has a live white mouse on it. He picks mouse up by tail and shows it to owner. He grabs owner and kicks him up the backside. The owner is kicked into kitchen and nearly has his head cut off when he falls across butcher's block on which chef is chopping. The two have a fight and throw a plate at each other. Owner ducks and plate hits customer in face. Customer runs into kitchen where two men are having a funny fight constantly ducking out of the way. Customer is hit. Chef escapes and traps two men's' heads in swing doors. He slaps one man's face and kicks other's backside. He grabs onto spinning door as man pursues him, but wife of owner peels him off door. He rolls out of front door. Car drives off to catch chef, leaves him behind, does a U-turn, comes back and man on back seat grabs chef. As the car travels along men fight - one in car, one on running board. Man falls off car. He rolls down hill and knocks down a policeman. The passengers from the car get out when it stops and help cop up. They run off in pursuit. Man rolls into glass doors. He gets up and enters building. He is pursued. He runs out of door on top of a tall building and looks over the side. He stands on the parapet as people close in, and indicates he will jump. He jumps. Feeling sad, the café owner's family, cop and customer walk off. Man reappears happy, and makes for door, but has to hide behind it as people who comfort one another walk through it. When door is closed man laughs and impersonates a policeman by bending his knees, but cop reappears and puts his hand on his shoulder - man is arrested and led away through open door. He re-emerges with the policeman's clothes and hat on top of his own, lays the clothes on the floor and arranges a flower on top of them as if the policeman is dead. He walks off, puts a cigarette in his mouth and stands near external corner of building. He hunts for a match. A cop approaches around corner and smokes a cigarette. He leans on wall so cigarette protrudes beyond corner. Man sees it and takes a light. He walks off and is seen. A chase along parapet of high building. At street level the chase continues. Man thinks he has given cop the slip, but it’s the wrong cop. The right policeman now approaches from behind. Man does a surprised move - almost a double take, tilts his hat and walks off, closely followed by cop. Policeman very closely shadows man along sidewalk and past a building. They approach the Police Station East Side Division. Man looks up and as if resigned to his fate, puts his arms behind his back before walking into prison door. He pulls a fast one and locks the cop in and walks happily straight to camera.

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