Film: 2379

Feature Drama | 1930 | Silent | B/W


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Tom Mix western.
Stagecoach arrives in town. Tom Destry brings in four more crooks for the Sheriff.
Tom is also running for election as Sheriff and they want to get him out of the way before election. Brant frames Destry by staging a fake fight. They leave their guns but when Tom intervenes his gun is used in the killing. At the trial he is found guilty and sent to prison. He is later pardoned and vows to get the man who framed him.
His girlfriend meets him from the train with his horse. A scene where Tom jumps from the moving train onto his horse. With business to attend to he goes in search of the Sheriff. The Sheriff is shot through glass door before he can talk. Tom Destry chases the killer but he steels 'Tony' the horse. Destry tells the horse to throw him.

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