Film: 2380

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Comedy western with Tom Mix 1910's
Tom and Vicky sit together romantically, him in his cowboy outfit, she looks like a 'Brownie'. They both admire her engagement ring. They cuddle. Vicky's friend has pet bear. She gets the bear to reach for food. The bear is in a collar and chain; she cuddles her bear. Tom and Vicky mount their horses and ride off. They admire the bear, pet it and pat it on the head etc.. Close-up of the bear. Vicky wants a bear. She pleads with him; womanly wiles! She threatens to call off the engagement when this doesn't work. He agrees. She is excited and he rides to his friend, Sid. [some particularly awful acting] Tom hands Sid some money, they shake hands and leave to catch a bear. They collect ropes. Two cowboys tracking. They find a large hole in the ground. Very silly actions, looking into the distance, and debate on who's going down the hole. Tom goes in. Mother bear arrives, and sand flies in the hole as they fight. The two cowboys run with a bear after them and climb a tree. The bear climbs the tree after them. The three of them up a tree. Tom gets down while Sid is trapped. Tom rides to get a saw and a dog. Sid saws the branch the bear is on and it falls down, but climbs again. Sid escapes. They lasso the bear and pull it from the tree. Vicky's friend's bear bites Vicky. She bandages her finger. Vicky is in a temper. Tom and Sid arrive with their bear and tie it to a post. The cowboys shake hands and show Vicky with pride her new bear. Cowboys gesture a lot as to how brave they are. Vicky says she's changed her mind and they should take the bear back. The men collapse in disbelief.

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