Film: 2383

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Western comedy.
Light hearted story of cowboy (Tom Mix) who advertises for a wife. Shop girl, Nell Morton, and male customer in draper's shop. Man at ranch house looking for something lifts pillow off bed. Sits at table and writes. Girl reads newspaper and is interested. Close up of advert. Jim advertises for wife. She replies. Jim reads letter. Close up "I will marry you". Jim tells the lads - they laugh and joke, he storms off. Friends play practical jokes on him. They leave goat milk flask out and horseshoes in his bed. Jim talks to Nell in her shop. She and another assistant giggle. Nell has second thoughts. Man in suit intervenes, but Jim sees him off. Jim goes window shopping. Caption reads "Afraid of the Boys Ribbing, Jim plans a hoax". Walks out of shop with large object wrapped up (mannequin from window). Man from shop and Nell sit on park bench. He puts hat on floor. They hold hands. Puts arm round her. Tries to kiss her, she resists and walks off. Nell goes home (very windy in her house - the table cloth blows about!) She dreams of Jim defending himself against male shop assistant. Jim gets out of stagecoach with his bundle. Man on horseback uses binoculars. He calls friend over and lends them to him. They see Jim and mannequin riding on horses. Two friends report to saloon. The three others then mount up and ride off. Jim puts mannequin to bed. Boys come in. They tiptoe out. Jim props "wife" on chair in sunshine. Two friends see through binoculars that she falls off and ride to help her, whipping their horses. Meanwhile, Nell boards stagecoach. Boys discover hoax and laugh. Nell arrives at stage depot, hands bag to man. Man and Nell go off in buggy. Two friends go to saloon, and tell others about "wife". At Jim's Nell turns up - "Is the offer still open?" Jim calls a passing cowboy to "go get the Justice" and does a little jig. He helps her take her hat and jacket off. They both smile and half hug. Friends turn up and look at empty chair outside. Jim meets them at the door and invites them in. Two men take their hats off and two faint. The Justice and a cowboy enter and the Justice marries Jim and Nell. Justice shakes hands with Nell. The couple hold hands.

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