Film: 2389

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


City boy is worried his soft hands indicate he isn't a real man and not good enough for his girl. He goes off to be a cowboy.

A young lady shows a man a verse from a book called Sons of Toil, which comments about the idle rich being compared to husky sons of Western ranches. A letter from an Aunt invites the lady to visit their new ranch, but the man visits instead.
Intertitle - Tom Arrives in the West.
City boy meets hardy ranch hands and cowboy types. At the ranch the Auntie shows her husband a letter from her niece explaining she can't visit for 3 months due to her studies.
Intertitle - After 3 months.
A ranch hand on horseback hands the boss a telegram. Western Union Telegraph announces Jim arriving by stagecoach on Thursday. The men on horseback ride off. Back at the homestead the boss shows the telegram to his family, who are very happy. The wife sweeps the veranda with vigour. Cowboys ride their horses out on the range, while cattle graze.
Intertitle - Pedro and his outlaw band plan more depredations.
Stagecoach stopped outside the Wells Fargo & Co Express building. A women gets in. Meanwhile three bandit cowboys discuss their plans and ride off. They shoot at the stage coach as it travels through the desert. The driver is shot and falls off the coach, but it continues driverless. Meanwhile gun shots are heard by our hero cowboy who alerts two fellow cowboys. The bandits ride after the out of control stagecoach, until they see the good guys coming towards them and decide to run away. Our hero chases the stagecoach and leaps from his horse onto the roof and pulls the coach to a stop. The damsel in distress gets out of the carriage and is surprised to see that her rescuer is none other than the city boy with "soft hands".
Intertitle - My hands are not so soft now!
He hugs the lady and they get back on the coach and ride off.

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