Film: 2390

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Sound | B/W


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Mack Sennett. Set in Tudor (?) England / Medieval England. Townspeople discuss a proclamation. Female courtier tweaks nose of King, he laughs. King does a jig. Courtier reads parchment and presents it to the King whilst kneeling. Court jester looks happy and pulls faces. Three female courtiers are coy with King, play with his beard and he touches one girl's chin. Jester spies them and gossips to the Queen. Jester and Queen go to investigate King. The sneak up. King is dancing when Queen enters. Girls run off. King kisses queen's hand. Jester (Ford Sterling) smirks in background. Page boy holds queens train. King kicks jester. Jester rubs his knee and shakes his fist. Jester limps away from camera. Mabel Normad tries to trip page boy up. Out doors two female courtiers look for someone. King and Mabel Normand laugh as they talk surrounded by puppets. Girl and King jump over a fence. Man and woman hold hands and skip. She is coy. King and girl play hide-and-seek around a bush. Other girl and man play hide-and-seek. He counts but looks through his fingers. She hides behind bush. King finds wrong girl. He kisses her. Other man is angry and fires a blunderbuss type pistol. Man chases King, firing gun. They chase through garden and wood, man firing gun. Woman is distraught. King climbs ladder to tree. Mabel Normand worried, walks towards camera. Runs to camera. Close up of man firing gun. To camera. King calls for help. Group of townspeople. King indicates he will sign. Group of courtiers led down step by woman. King nearly faints. In chase, jester falls over and rolls about. King whispers in man's ear as queen and courtiers and townspeople gather round.

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