Film: 240

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Wartime film with a moral.
Tom and Angela make their way to the pictures arriving at the huge cinema to join the queue, and there's a very long queue! It is Saturday morning and we are at the Boys and Girls Cinema Club. See scenes from a western on the cinema screen and listen to Kid's roar!. Then we see a news report of wounded soldiers returning to Britain. On the way home they find a wallet in the road and Tom wants to buy a bicycle with the money that they have found. But his sister changes his mind so they take their find to the Police Station. The officer tells them who it belongs to as there is a card inside. Tom knows the lady so they both go to the woman's home, only to be told that he has gone to the railway station, as she is going to Buckingham Palace to see her son decorated. Tom borrows his sister's bike and races to catch her at the station as she will need her money to buy a ticket. En route he is set upon by bullies but he gives them 'what for' and escapes to continue his ride. Tom arrives just in time to return Mrs Britains wallet. She boards her train just as another train passes by on the other line at speed, over other side of carriage. Heard but not seen that well. When Tom arrives home his father commends him. Includes street scenes, Railway station.

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