Film: 2401

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Sound | B/W


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Comedy with car which falls to bits. Man gardening, plants seeds, gag, one by one. Fat man washing clothes in back garden on washboard. Two sulky men lean on fence - good faces. Shake hands, wives join and kiss. Buy car, count out money. Attempt to wind car. Crank car engine. Clean front window. Man in back of (open) car tries on hats, blow off in wind. Run over policeman, lands on bumper, falls off. Car reverses into another, trunk lands on roof. Man carries huge case. Little man attempts to box fat man. Driver leans through front window. Run over man, crash and hurt his head. Bits fall off car, including roof canopy, and mud guards. Pick them up. Car drives through front door, family eating at table and crashes man in bath through the wall. Woman faints and is caught by fat man who drops her. Bath on front of car is pushed aside, hits kerb. Women shocked at nude man and run away. Fat man runs after car his wife falls out of car. Picks her up and they walk away, she limps. Other couple drive on, he with arm round wife, crash headlong into rickety car. Smoke. Couple sit on floor by crashed car. Horse and cart go by. They stop cart, get on back, kiss, and drive off into distance.

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