Film: 2403

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Hand turns hourglass. Cupid with bow and arrow. Man and woman's faces in hearts (Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle and Mabel Normand) Valentine . Cupid fires arrow at the Valentines. Man stares through window at rain. Woman sleeps in bed with dog. Man lights oil-burner. Man pointing through window at lightning. Woman leaping out of bed and pulling down blind. Man opens window and lets rain in. Woman leaping into bed. Woman climbing into bed beside dog. Man coaxes woman out of bed and takes her to the window with his arm around her. Man and woman's faces stare through window and rain. Lighthouse. Man trying to comfort woman, she storms off. Man shakes out his wet trousers. Fully-clothed man gets into bed. Three men in the rain. Men chopping at foundations of seaside house with an axe. Men pushing house out to sea. Close shot of lighthouse mirror. Three men dusting themselves off. Man with roll of banknotes handing them out to other two men. Close-up of hand with pack of playing cards. Men sitting down around barrel. Sunrise over the sea. Wooden house floating on the water. Man and woman floating in their beds. Man waking up and looking scared. Woman waking up. Man falling off his bed into water. Man wading through flooded room. Man opening window and holding woman so that she can see out. Men playing poker, close-shot of cards on table. Still in the submerged room, man writes a note and sticks it in the dog's collar. Dog swims away through the window. Shot of dog swimming. Man accidentally tips bed, woman falls into water. Man holds woman above water. Dog swept in on tide. Meanwhile, floating bed overturns. Dog running up cliff. Dog leaping against front door. Man in nightshirt climbs out of bed and wakes his wife, who does the same. Man in nightshirt takes note from dog's collar. Man handling note to horrified wife. Coastguards leap into speedboat. Jetty wall collapses, man falls into sea. Man crossing plank into speedboat falls into sea as boat moves away. Speedboat knocks men off jetty into water. Dog speeds away down road. Man and woman in nightshirts cycle on same bike. Various shots speedboats. Men in rowing-boat. Couple stand on roof of floating house, ocean liner in background. Rowing-boat. Couple stand on roof of floating house, ocean liner in background. Rowing-boat tossed by waves. Dog and cycling couple speed down road. Couple cycle into sea, followed by dog. Man leaping over railing. Speedboats overturn rowing-boast. Man and woman help another man to his feet. Poker-playing men start grappling for money, larger man approaches and takes money. Barrel explodes, men fall over. Saved people in dinghy. Dog in heart frame.

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