Film: 2406

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Live action comedy featuring stop motion and pixilation techniques. 1910's

Mr Krause loves his furniture but is forced to sell it all to pay his rent. His belongings are sold at auction but get up to all sorts of mischief in their new homes. Eventually, the furniture runs away and converges back in Mr Krause's living room - much to his delight.

Opening intertitle: HERR KRAUSE LIEBT SEINE SCHOENEN MOEBEL UBER ALLES, HAT JEDOCH KEIN GELD DIE MIETE ZU BEZAHLEN [AL B 2716] ("Herr Krause adores his beautiful furniture, but has no money to pay the rent")

In an elegantly furnished living room Herr Krause embraces, kisses and lovingly dusts his furniture. A fierce looking maid / housekeeper bursts into the room, gives Herr Krause an almighty whack on the back and demands her pay. Herr Krause empties his pockets woefully. He hasn't got a penny. The maid calls in the bailiff and his helpers who promptly begin to pack up the furniture. Herr Krause falls to his knees, begging them not to take his beloved belongings.

Intertitle: DIE WIRTSCHAFT WIRD OEFFENTLICH VERSTEIGERT ("The items are sold by public auction")

A busy auction house. A crowd throngs around the bailiff, housekeeper and auctioneer, inspecting the items for sale. A very excited buyer purchases an item. Another man shows interest in a coal scuttle, Herr Krause tries to grab it off him and a scuffle ensues. Krause is escorted from the premises. The man and his wife buy the scuttle and several other items. The auction continues at a rip roaring pace. A man trips over a bucket and Herr Krause suddenly appears again, trying to salvage the contents that have spilled onto the floor.

DOCH DIE ERWERBER DER SACHEN SOLLEN KEINE FREUDE DARAN HABEN DER SPIEGELSCHRANK LAESST NIEMAND HINEINSEHEN ("But the new owners get little joy from their purchases. The mirror cabinet refuses to let anyone look inside it)

In a sumptuously decorated bedroom a husband reads the paper in his armchair while his wife admires her dress. Giving the viewer a nod and a wink, she motions towards their new mirror cabinet. Before she can open it the cabinet spins on the spot. Thoroughly startled, she jumps back and calls to her husband. But when he gets up to have a look, the cabinet has returned to its normal position. He scolds his wife for being so silly and sits back down again. She begs him to take another look and, low and behold, the cabinet begins to spin.

DAS BETT LAESST DEN NEUEN BESITZER NICHT SCHLAFEN ("The bed will not let its new owner sleep")

The bed and chair are delivered to their new owner and carried up to his room. The man takes off his hat and gleefully climbs into the bed. It promptly folds itself up and edges its way out of the room - with the poor man still stuck inside it.

DER TEPPICH ROLLT SICH ZUSAMMEN UND VERSCHWINDET MIT DEM BETTSCHIRM ("The rug rolls itself up and disappears along with the bed screen")

Another happy auction buyer returns home with Herr Krause's rug and bedroom screen. Energetically, he unrolls the carpet and sits down on it, trying out how it feels before lying down. The rug promptly rolls itself up and shuffles out of the room. The man is stunned. He unfolds his second purchase, the bed screen, and lies down on his bed. The screen marches off through the door, leaving the man staring after it in bewilderment.

DAS CLAVIER IST TOTAL "VERSTIMMT" UND DER SESSEL RAECHT SICH AUCH ("The piano is thoroughly disgruntled and the stool takes its revenge")

A musician prepares to play his new piano in a room filled with musical instruments. But as he takes his seat the stool begins to spin rapidly, first one way and then the other, lifting the man off the ground before depositing him back down again. His head spinning, the man staggers over to a chair and tries to sit down. But the chair shifts backwards and he falls to the ground. He tries a second chair with the same result.

UND DIE SEHNSUCHT TREIBT ALLES WIEDER ZU HERRN KRAUSE HIN ("And desire guides everything back to Herr Krause")

Herr Krause's empty room. The rug crawls in and spreads itself out. The mirror cabinet, piano, stool, picture and screen follow closely behind. Herr Krause enters the room, his face buried in his handkerchief. Looking up he sees his room fully furnished, and he can't believe his eyes!

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