Film: 2409

Sport | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Light hearted film where a British Army rugby team take on an GI American football team, thus demonstrating camaraderie and rivalry between the British and American allies of World War Two.

British soldier on country lane smoking a cigarette. Cuts to scene of an American football match. Players getting stuck into each other. One holds ball while the other has his hand around his mouth and the other around his ankle. He is then shown bashing the player with the ball. From behind a tree peeps an undertaker, dressed in top hat, long coat and black gloves. With handkerchief in hand he smiles as one of the players is shown biting another's leg. To get a better effect he pulls the sock down and bites the bare flesh. The undertaker rushes from his position behind the tree onto the pitch. Looking in that direction, he takes a card from his back pocket that shows his name, address and profession. Four pairs of stretcher bearers come on to the pitch to collect the prostrate players. As the stretcher bearers pass the undertaker with their passengers, he pops a card on to each of the injured. Cut to British soldier relaxing on hay in barn with American G.I. Brit holds a rugby ball. American pats Brit on the shoulder then cuts to pair entering office of another American army personnel. American has ball and explains to Brit American football. The other American is the football coach and he is asked to teach the Brit the rudiments of American football. The coach declines but offers kit to the Brit to try the game. American lies on coach's desk and daydreams. Brit changes into kit, shoulder pads and helmet. He then returns to office and wakes American asleep on the table. Admiring his kit, the G.I. asks the coach for a position for him. Putting his hand on the Brit's shoulder, the action cuts to American footballers running onto the pitch. They roll over on the floor, do exercises and handstands in an effort to warm up. Two are shown cross-shouldering each other. The Brit walks onto the pitch with the G.I. he bids him good luck and lies down on the grass with a book, as the ball is kicked to set the game in motion. The Brit catches the ball before being tackled. The title of the G.I.'s book can be seen. "Death of a Hero". The players leave the Brit lying on the floor. He is shown fumbling the ball before climbing to his feet looking bemused. From a face-off the ball is thrown to the Brit who is tackled and piled on by a number of players. Meanwhile, the G.I. continues to read his book. A huddle together by one of the teams is followed by a face-off. Once again the Brit is left in a heap. Again, he receives the ball and is swarmed over by opposing players. Meanwhile, the G.I. falls asleep as his friend lies prostrate holding his face. Climbing to his feet, he is shown running into tackles on two occasions. From another, the players pile on top of him. As the opposing players leave the scene, the Brit is left face down, trampled into the grass. The G.I. is shown gingerly bringing the injured Brit back to the barrack room. The scene then cuts to the two in uniform resting on the hay in the barn once again. The Brit has a large plaster across one cheek. Commiserating with the G.I., the Brit compares the game to rugby union. Scoffing at this the American soldier is invited to try the game. The scene cuts to a rugby pitch where the G.I. removes his great coat to reveal his rugby kit. As the pair look towards the pitch, the individual players are shown as looking mean and hard. Wishing him luck, the G.I. enters the pitch shaking the hand of the referee as he goes. The Brit lies down in the grass to watch. From a scrum the G.I. receives the ball and runs for the line. He is tackled and the Brit is shown wincing. From a kick-off the G.I. collects the ball but is flattened by his opponents. Another attack and he is seen making an unsuccessful attempt at a tackle. He grabs a loose ball only to be piled on by a number of players. As he lies prostrate, the Brit is shown wincing. From a line-out, the G.I. catches the ball but then disappears under a pile of players. He is pulled from under the pile by his feet and left at the side. He is shown gradually climbing to his feet. From another ruck, he is left face down in the grass. The Brit, referee and all the other players gather round the prostrate G.I. The two friends are seen sitting in the hay in the barn again, the G.I. with a large plaster on his face. The two lie back and close their eyes and fall asleep.

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